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 I adore NATURAL light, the evolving, planned and unplanned progression of a wedding day, the value of simplicity, DELICATE and soft lighting that capture BALANCED, real moments. My aim is to build a visual STORY of your day, a photo JOURNALISTIC approach. I love that no two weddings are the same and each time I can CELEBRATE their individuality through a mixture of contemporary and classic editing, creating ROMANTIC, elegant and timeless images.

Amongst capturing all those big moments, I search for those small, DISCRETE moments too. The ceremony, the cutting of the cake, the speeches and first dance, they all have their charm but so many of the great MOMENTS happen in between, some you experienced, some your guests experienced and some no one ever saw...except my lens. I won’t arrange you in your photographs, I won’t tell you to smile a certain way, I’ll ensure your day is natural, RELAXED and undisturbed as I quietly celebrate and capture the joyful atmosphere of your day frame by frame.

Price packages usually start at £950 but can be tailored to SUIT your day.


Drop me a message today and let's get chatting!

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